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The herbal
alternative to Viagra®, this product has been
granting men the sexual satisfaction and
independence that they seek minus the
side-effects. Thousands of men, old and young
alike have sung its praises and continue to do


The herbal
remedy against Premature Ejaculation(PE). This
product has been effectively enabling men to
have a proper ejaculation control, leading them
to have more satifying sexual relationships with
their partners.


The herbal
alternative against Erectile Dysfunction(ED),
this product takes on Cialis® head-on and wins!

hoodia absolute
Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™

An appetite
suppressant, this product is derived from the
Hoodia Gordonii plant in the Kalahari Desert,
South Africa. It effectively fights weight-loss
and is responsible for promoting a healthier
lifestyle in thousands of men and women around
the world.


to be the herbal Viagra® for women, this product
was, is and remains the herbal solution for
women suffering from symptoms of Female Sexual
Disorder(FSD). Say goodbye to those sexless


This tablet
is often considered to be the natural path to
flawless skin and rightfully so because it is
highly effective against acne and other similar
skin disorders. Say hello to beautiful, clear


This capsule
is the answer for better semen volume,
qualitatively and quantitatively. MaxoCum™ has
helped men with infertility to greatly increase
their sperm count thus ensuring better chances
in conceiving.

NeoSize XL™

The herbal
answer to the prayers of thousands of men who
were looking forward to significantly increasing
the size of their penises to satisfy their ego
or their partner. Why opt for harmful surgical
procedures when NeoSize XL™ does the same for
you safely?


A herbal
alternative against smoking and nicotine was
always welcome and the NicoNot capsule was a
welcome relief from the nicotine patches and
gums that were doing the rounds. This product
provides a permanent relief from smoking and its
withdrawal symptoms.


A permanent
and natural solution to baldness and hair-loss
is achieved with the herbal alternative
TrichoZed™. This product has given the customers
what they want- strong and wavy hair and an
escape from that nagging hair-fall problem.


thermogenic capsule ensures that weight-loss is
achieved effectively and without any dangerous
procedure. Welcome to a healthy and fit world!


herbal pills are Anti- Arthritic in nature. This
formula is designed meticulously to give
permanent relief from joint and muscle pain.
NoFlam not only fights off arthritic conditions
but it also promotes the health of bones, and
makes movements more flexible and comfortable.


Glucolo is
the herbal answer to effortlessly fight back
diabetic ordeals. With a fine assortment of
potent herbs and nutrients, Glucolo naturally
controls, monitors and normalizes blood sugar
levels. The proponents of potent ingredients in
this formula, effectively manages Type 2
diabetes whilst increasing glucose utilization
and inhibiting glucose absorption and also
restoring the body’s ability to control blood
sugar levels. With Glucolo, liberate yourself
from the bondages of diabetes safely!!


VitoLiv is a
safe herbal liver cleansing recipe that acts as
a multi-tasker in the prevention and treatment
of alcoholic liver disease, viral hepatitis,
drug induced hepatitis, jaundice. The herbs and
ingredients in VitoLiv acts as a powerful
natural action formula that helps people repair
their liver damage, and improve overall quality
of life, through optimum liver functioning.


VitoLax is a
fast acting herbal remedy – in powder form,
composed of unique laxative herbs that
effectively curbs chronic or habitual
constipation along with resolving digestive
problems. Consumption of VitoLax assures you of
regular and normal bowel movements, with
constipation, piles and fissures taken complete
heed of and relieved instantly.

Acai Ultima

is an innovative weight loss supplement which
consists of highly nutritious « Acai Berry » that
is also known as the « superfood ». AcaiUltima is
gaining popularity as a fast fat burning
supplement which put an end to stress related
overeating, hunger cravings, and fat
accumulation without any single side-effect

resveratrol ultima
Resveratrol Ultima

UltimaTM natural potent formula makes you look
younger and fresh. This product enables you to
beat ageing process by combating all its signs
and symptoms. This product came as a hope for
all who desire to look young with their
increasing age.

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